Easy not to write and read

I am so distracted – crazy how time just runs away from me.

Distracted- deadlifts in the gym

I have felt already this year that I “wasted” blocks of time in the new year. I hate this feeling and I need to be better to schedule out my time.

I acknowledge that it is not being busy to be busy even when I feel that I do that also.

Distracted again: deadlifts last rep – be back

Back after a little PR on deadlifts and re-racking the weights 110kg x 10 -not bad

I use to think blocking time slots robbed my creativity or spontaneity. I come to the conclusion that the opposite is true.

Discipline to have time to be free enough – to be present in the creativity instead of thinking of everything that needs to be done or forgot to to do

This is Weber m where personal freedom lies. Creating a lifestyle that gives you the space to be you without pressures suffocating it all.

Jan 2

it’s Jan. 2nd and the doubt is thick

I feel like daniel in the lion’s den praying they don’t eat me and in this metaphor, the lion’s den is my own self-doubt and past failures

this is way being fat most of your life does to you

It robs you of your freedom by robbing you of peace of mind. the knot in my stomach is just anxiety that “I know, I will fail” AGAIN

It is this ghost that haunts constantly and erodes confidence

it whispers from under the stones that you are too scared to turn over.

the lack of confidence or worth that drives the emotional reasons and turmoil that lights the “survival” mechanisms.

I never met a gym trainer that hasn’t been overweight and understands the scaffolding of this.

It has been a lifelong battle full of frustration, disappointment, and restarts to end up fat again

That is why this attempt means so much.

Every time I need to restart the desire to do so is less and less. It seems an impossible task considering I have run 2022km in 2021 and been to the gym 163 times in 2022 and I am still fat.

It is not like I don’t try – the fittest obese man over 50 you will meet.

2021 and 2022 have been hypothesis testing-
Will running 40 km a week lose weight(for me): NO
Will going to the gym 3 times a week to lose weight: NO

What is left? Eating only Eating

I never thought I ate bad or even too much but I can conclude that those carbs I do eat make me store fat quicker than most.

I also can conclude that I don’t eat enough protein. 1.8 grams per KG I want to weigh.

therefore 2023 is all diet

High protein diet of good wholesome foods and protein shakes to get me to the protein number per day I need. I am aiming for 162 grams per day.

Doubt or not, this is the hypothesis for 2023

2022 Gym Routine

This is my simple my novice gym schedule and I think it is important to say that this is my schedule based on the following few factors.

  • It has to be easy and take roughly 1 hour
  • It has to fit into a 3 day a week lift schedule

I scoured the internet for common exercises and these are the ones that stuck for 2022. I originally started with Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Toward the end, I just followed the flow and was always in the same order. Legs, Chest, Back.

The goal was to get into the routine to go to the gym and this has been a slow and great start for me. I focused on the form and not the weights. I added a bench goal ½ way in the year.


  • Romanian Dead Lifts
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extensions
  • Standing Calf Raise
  • Hip Abductions Manching
  • Machine Crunch

Originally, I started with Squats and experimented with them, yet was more afraid to ruin my knees. I love deadlifts – they are my 2nd favorite resistance exercise


  • Bench Press
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Tricep Pushdown with Bar
  • Concentration Curls
  • Machine Chest flies
  • Machine Crunch

Bench press is my favourite exercise – set a 2022 for benching 100kg(220lbs) x 10. I will continue to bench in 2023 with a goal of 143kg(315lbs) x 1


  • Lat Pulldown
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • Dumbbell Row
  • Seated Machine ROw
  • Reverse Machine Fly
  • Machine Crunch

Blogging at the gym ?

Last day of the year thinking is is possible to blog at the gym? 🏋️‍♀️

Seems it’s possible to write ✍️ anywhere. In between Romanian deadlifts and now on the leg press at 156kg

Deadlifts 90kg

Tomorrow is the 1st day of the new year and I will stop in the gym as the first and last day are the most important as it sets precedence with myself.

Leg press

I have 2 years of reaching my resolutions and I plan to reach my New Year’s resolution 2023 also without exception.

2021 run 2000km | 2022 visit the gym 150 times and 2023 eat high protein everyday 150+grams and write it down.

It’s the real key 🔑 boiling habits down to easily attainable daily/weekly tasks and give yourself the dopamine hit by checking shit off


Above is the calendar I wrote in up until summer vacation where I had a steady routine. This year will be no different.

Leg press done ✅ – was going to do leg extensions but that machine is in use so I will do my nemesis machine – abduction


So I guess I can blog at the gym

A Poem

How old are you in your mind?

Not, how old are you based on time,

Your age is measured in the treasures you find,

The nuggets of wisdom others left behind.

How old is the child in your soul?

The one carved out of your parents fold,

Always fighting for your truth and to be bold,

The one with the stories that need to be told.

How old is the structure of your universe?

As star dust and nebulas were your nurse,

That locked up your being in your heart’s purse,

Waiting patiently for your uniqueness to burst.

Fat fingers and Autocorrect

Looks like I was able to get the WordPress app on IOS working after a small hiccup with jetpack. Boring technical stuff really.

I wanted to begin (bring) writing ✍️ again. I use to write poems, short stories, and journals 📓 regularly. This has all been lost ever the(three) years to FOMO and digital blindness.

To start, my thought 💭 process has been to make it as easy as possible. Hence the WordPress app on(in) my iPhone 📱. Then I can spin some thoughts and ideas 💡 more easily.

Writing is like exercise, the start is hard and most likely with the garbage 🗑️. I know in time with disciple and consistency things will flow. It may never be good for anything other than my own ramblings and that’s good enough.

I do know that my fat fingers and autocorrect collaborate to make a mess of my thoughts and my chicken scratch. They are rather mischievous 😏 cousins that cause trouble 😈. More trouble than when I was a teenager looking for trouble.

All autocorrect corrected items have been struck through.

That’s the start – should be good 👍🏻

Securing Facebook and/or Linkedin

2 Factor Authentication(2FA):

Stop Your Online Accounts From Being Hacked

It is frustrating in todays world that many of our online services requires us to be vigilant about passwords and keeping track of these can cause us to reuse passwords. Every time we reuse passwords on different services like the same password for Instagram and Facebook the greater the chance to be hacked increases.

There is a simple way to secure our accounts and everyone should take advantage of these tools and methods that are offered by online providers like Facebook, Linkedin, Paypal, Bank accounts, etc.

One of these simple methods is called 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA. This method creates an extra step of authentication when the online service doesn’t recognize the location or browser at login.

Lets take some simple examples:

  • Lets say that you are on vacation on try to log into Facebook from a hotel’s computer. Facebook will not recognize your browser or location and then require more information.

  • Unknown person tries to access your Facebook account. Facebook will require an extra code. This code is available to the Facebook owner via mobile app.

What Happens?

Look at my examples from both Facebook and Linked. These are examples from when I tried to login into my accounts while using a different web browser than I normally do. Because I have set up 2FA on both online services once I add my username and password they ask for a 6-digit code. This extra code is located on an authentication app I installed on my mobile phone.

2FA on Facebook:

2FA on Linkedin:

Getting Notifications of Suspicious Logins

Once there is an attempt as shown above, Facebook notifies the user and asks them to verify the security of the account. This notification maybe someone trying to access your account or might be me logging in from a new phone or tablet.

It is important that these notifications be taken seriously and not just clicked through or ignored.

FACEBOOK Login Notifications:


It is quite easy to get started with adding this extra layer of security and it is recommended to do so on any online service that offers it.

Step 1: DOWNLOAD an Authenticator

I use Microsoft and Microsoft offers a free authenticator called: Microsoft’s Authenticator It is possible to download from the IPHONE or GOOGLE stores:


There is no need for a Microsoft Account to set up the authenticator. Simply add another account like “Facebook” and scan the Facebook QR code to start using the app.


  • Go to your profile and SETTINGS & PRIVACY



  • Find SECURITY and LOGIN >> Two- Factor Authentication




Scan the QR Code provider or type in the long string given. DO NOT SHARE THESE WITH ANYONE !

  • FACEBOOK: Follow Facebook Instructions
  • LINKEDIN: Follow Linked Instructions
  • On Microsoft Authenticator mobile after scanning looks like this – the 6-digit code changes every 30 seconds


Enter 6-digit code from mobile app to authenticate >> Press continue after entering a valid code

  • 2 Factor Authentication is Enabled
  • Finish Linked to Enable


Any service that allows you to set up 2FA – do it and sleep better at night!

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