March 27

Lockdown Day 16

The day yesterday didn’t quite like I wanted to and mostly because I became irritable being cramped up – I even had a great fitbit day with over 14,000 steps and yet I was restless and frustrated












Even with a great sunset – I ended the day just down and pissed maybe more because I was pissed at myself for getting down. Such is life in the lockdown.

Sunset – March 26, 2020

I even had a fairly productive work day with some of things that I wanted to set in motion with regards to building a new environment and have the ability to freshen data up.  I was able through Microsoft Power Automate create a flow that grabbed data through the Mockaroo API and create new Contacts and Accounts. That was great and I will use some time over the weekend filling this environment up and getting the “Freshness” on activities to work also.  I will great a powerapp or a flow to move all activities on active activities forward 30 days with a click of a button.

Also, it is Friday which means it is Fasting day – I do a 24 hour fast from the night before after dinner to dinner the following day where I only drink coffee/ diet soda.  I was thinking of doing this 2 times a week next week.  I have a weight goal to get below 200lbs or 90 kg(198) and I will setting to see 199.9 lbs on my scale.  I am currently here:


March 27th
March 27

And I have a goal for my 50th birthday to get myself down under 90kg that is what I set back in September 2019 and I have working towards this goal. I will just going – I feel good, look good and it is great to disciplined in this way – my self love and confidence has gone up a ton over the last 7 months and I appreciated all the love and support that I am getting from others.

Total Weight Loss March 27, 2020
Total Weight Loss March 27, 2020

I will end on some memes where I usually tweet some memes and what not during the day before


? ? ? ? ?
? ? ?
? ?
Love this… ? ? ? ? ?
March 26

Lockdown Day 15

All things considered I am actually in a good mood. I think it is the classic “culture shock” – Start out – not to bad to complete WTF and then acceptance



Kinda reminds of a song from Bruce Springsteen called “Straight Time” where he sings:

“Eight years in, it feels like you’re gonna die
But you get used to anything
Sooner or later it becomes your life”


Never truer words spoken – it just takes time to adjust and we can literally adjust to anything both good and bad.

I was out running this morning this morning the weather in Copenhagen is beautiful and I try to get up at 6am to make some coffee and then get ready and TRY to hit the road around 06:30 if mother nature is good to me.  It is my only golden rule when running in the morning – never leave the house without take a shit. I have been burnt too many times by not obeying this simple truth.


I ran a little slower than normal and I was able to run the entire route this time.

The route is 7km and I need to start running a long run, once a week or once every other week to get stronger to make these runs at 5 and 7 km smoother.

March 25

Lock Down Day 14(2 Weeks) and Counting



I usually write at the beginning of the day but now it is the end of the day.  My weekdays are looking very similar where I start work between 08:30 – 9:00 with a group meeting and then I am on my own, work wise.  We are 4 in the house so there is some prep for kids and what not but everyone is pretty much ( except the occasional melt down) getting through the day on their own doing school work.

To combat getting fat(again) – I started up a 2 week week detox that usually run when I fall of the horse and being to binge eat and fill up on sugar.  The last 2 weeks has been eating 100% potatoes and it helps me to be super disciplined with eating as boredom leads to small snacks that lead to large snacks and everything spirals out of control.

I have lost 2.6kg in the 2 week period or 5.7lbs and since September last year down alot


One way that I always start my day is I  lay in bed looking for funny memes and what not just to keep the humor up and this is some of what I found over the last couple days Smile




There are many more to come…

Not much more to add – the day has been productive and tomorrow I will get up early and go for a run and do some pushups

March 24

LockDown Day 13

Yesterday was a productive and I had a customer meeting in the afternoon around 13:00 with some prep work to do leading up to the meeting. The meeting couldn’t have gone better from our side. With that said my customer meetings have dwindled down to close to zero and I will start to focusing on other things to fill in the gaps but that is for another post. The weather in Denmark has been excellent – a bit cold but the sun is shining and looks like that it will shine for the rest of the week.


My usually is to try and get 10,000 steps a day and yesterday without the run I had 7,000 and today I am sore from my home living room leg workout so I will most likely not get 10,000 today – lets see. One thing that I truly enjoy is playing math teaching with my daughter as it is truly a challenge and a long time since I have done any math. We have been looking at the following and solving fun problems (feel the sarcasm). Frankly, my wife is better at math than I am but I find the math good from the brain.

Finally, I tried to make potato pancakes for dinner last night and they turned out OK – I never grow tired of potatoes no matter how many I eat

March 23

Monday Morning – Lockdown Day 12

I can’t count

I lost track already of lockdown days which started on a Thursday but kinda because I was out to work to pick up my monitor and items from work. I just went back and counted – Day 12 ?

I can feel that I don’t want to sit here today. I have a customer meeting at 1pm and some prep up that meeting but my initial gut feeling for the day is NOT to sit all day in front of the computer – I just can’t do it

What I did do this morning is get up earlier – my Fitbit buzzed off at 6 am and I was up around 06:08 to do some in house leg exercises. Usually in a normal situation I am at the gym around 05:30 and monday is leg day so I woke up and did the following:

Walking Lunges: 3 x 20
Wall Sits: 3 x 45 seconds
Calf Raises(no weights) 3 x 15
Standing Hip swings: 3 x 12 each leg

I am also running and will run 4 times this week maybe 5 depending on how crazy I get in my head

March 22

Lockdown Day Whatever Updates

I have been using twitter for the micro-blogging it deserves for updates on how we are locked down in Denmark.

I am always torn between writing by hand and sharing digitally my thoughts out to a broader audience and not because I am special but maybe that others needs to see that we are all struggling and surviving in the same way.

I have been trying to keep a routine with what I had before the lockdown was set in motion.  I use to go to the gym Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 05:30 a routine that I started back in November and it took me many years to commit to this only to have it interrupted. I have no been doing any home exercises but will tomorrow get up early and do the Monday Legs with a set of lunges and other leg exercises that I can find on the internet.  I run a few times a week and I will continue to doing this as it is great way to wash out all the frustrations and get the creative juices flowing.  I find that I am quite clear minded after a good run.

I was up this morning and out for a 7km run there were many people and it makes more like a game to try to run with a distance from the people.  I will run earlier in the day going forward and aim for a nap in the afternoon.

Finally some tweets from earlier today —

January 9

Blogging Again

2020 is here and it is time to rethink some things.  One thing that I have wishing that I did more of was blogging a mix of personal and technological ideas/challenges/success and failures.  I think this is better than posting it out various social platforms.

One of the reasons is that I always feel good reading others peoples blogs and I have had the need to journal at some level and this is one way to lock myself into focus time to write.  In the last decade, I have seen a drastic fall in my own writing and reading.  There are tons of reason for this including busy family and professional career but there is a large part of it that is habitual and priorities.

Looking back over the last decade starting in January 2010 – I was not in the best of places emotionally, spiritually and there were things happening that caused the chain to come off the bike.  On of these was a health scare where the doctors initial take was throat cancer and it turned out to be false.  At the same time the world was going through a financial meltdown and I was going to lose my job.

If I look at the first one, my tonsils had grown back and over a 6 month period, I started to spit up blood in the mornings, which led me to seek medical advice and help.  The outcome was the removal of my tonsils again but also the understanding that the swollen tonsil had been blocking my breathing when sleeping and the bout of depression was going through was in part because I was lacking proper sleep for a 6- 9 month period.  I was told that once my throat healed that I would sleep like 14 hours a day be tired for a long time and this was true.  I slept and slept and slept… it was crazy.

Part of the depression(a major part) was my own internal mechanisms for dealing with life.  I can’t make the excuse that it was all tonsil and financial related crisis.  No, I was an emotional wreck and this came with how I viewed myself, how I spoke to myself and bottom line – I was not very good to me.  This is an ongoing struggle for me even today but I am better now and I am constantly working on this area.  I will need to blog about this part more because even know I know it and can feel – it still remains a mystery on some level.

When looking over the 10 years, everything balances out at the ends and I would say when sitting new years eve looking over the entire decade – things are amazing – I can’t deny it. I have a great family, a great job and going into my 50th year – I am not sure I could ask for things to be better right now.  I have not forgotten the struggles nor all the pain that I went through between 2009 –2011 and everything that I have continued to learn over time.

I have learned over the last 5 years to trust more in my instincts, to trust my stomach again but not allow my emotions to ruin things but causing me to get uneasy with myself.  This is not say that I don’t still lose my shit because I do, I can get frustrated with my oneself and frustrated knowing that the it is my own emotional issues or lack of habits that are leading to certain outcomes and this will need to be explored also in a journal format.

With all this said,