Easy not to write and read

I am so distracted – crazy how time just runs away from me.

Distracted- deadlifts in the gym

I have felt already this year that I “wasted” blocks of time in the new year. I hate this feeling and I need to be better to schedule out my time.

I acknowledge that it is not being busy to be busy even when I feel that I do that also.

Distracted again: deadlifts last rep – be back

Back after a little PR on deadlifts and re-racking the weights 110kg x 10 -not bad

I use to think blocking time slots robbed my creativity or spontaneity. I come to the conclusion that the opposite is true.

Discipline to have time to be free enough – to be present in the creativity instead of thinking of everything that needs to be done or forgot to to do

This is Weber m where personal freedom lies. Creating a lifestyle that gives you the space to be you without pressures suffocating it all.

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