Fat fingers and Autocorrect

Looks like I was able to get the WordPress app on IOS working after a small hiccup with jetpack. Boring technical stuff really.

I wanted to begin (bring) writing ✍️ again. I use to write poems, short stories, and journals πŸ““ regularly. This has all been lost ever the(three) years to FOMO and digital blindness.

To start, my thought πŸ’­ process has been to make it as easy as possible. Hence the WordPress app on(in) my iPhone πŸ“±. Then I can spin some thoughts and ideas πŸ’‘ more easily.

Writing is like exercise, the start is hard and most likely with the garbage πŸ—‘οΈ. I know in time with disciple and consistency things will flow. It may never be good for anything other than my own ramblings and that’s good enough.

I do know that my fat fingers and autocorrect collaborate to make a mess of my thoughts and my chicken scratch. They are rather mischievous 😏 cousins that cause trouble 😈. More trouble than when I was a teenager looking for trouble.

All autocorrect corrected items have been struck through.

That’s the start – should be good πŸ‘πŸ»

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